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Over 150+ Printable Worksheets & Tests for Your Class

EvaluNet, one of South Africa’s trusted brands in educational software, have just released a brand new and much anticipated (yet so simple it makes me think “why didn’t I think of that?”) product for parents and teachers called WorksheetCloud. Available exclusively online at, WorksheetCloud is a new concept that lets you purchase and download […]

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German International School Cape Town inaugurates new state-of-the-art library

Today the German International School Cape Town celebrated the official opening of their new state-of-the-art two-level multimedia library as part of their 130th anniversary commemorations. The library is one of the new additions to the school which recently underwent an R18 million upgrade to their facilities, partly funded by the German Government. In attendance at […]

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Schools receive nearly 1 Million rand in prizes and incentives

On Friday 31 September, Alexei du Bois, a teacher at Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School received a brand new Kia Rio 1.4 worth R165,000 in what became the culmination of the EvaluNet GetAhead “Win A Car” Competition. EvaluNet, a Cape Town-based educational software developer, ran an exciting competition with 101 schools across the country earlier this […]

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Education department welcomes Metcalfe’s report

Written by Nthambeleni Gabara The Department of Education has welcomed the report compiled by Professor Mary Metcalf into the delivery of textbooks to Limpopo schools. It says that the report adequately captures the complexities of the Section 100 (1)(b) intervention in that province and the difficulties experience by national government in terms of the provision […]

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Why proprietary sucks

It’s been a year and a bit since my personal, critical take on open source software solutions in the South African education system. Naturally, I was lambasted by the open source evangelists, and applauded by those who are vehemently opposed to Moodle – no surprise there. However, what become very apparent was that most critics of my opinion didn’t or couldn’t read my article well enough to understand what I am (still) looking for: a ​success​ story of an open source solution being used to the ​real​ benefit of learners and teachers in ​South Africa​.

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Facebook for pre-teens?

“I don’t think this is such a good idea. I think that 13′s and above are having a hard enough time around some of the pressures of Facebook,” argues, MIT Psychologist, Sherry Turkle, and author of Alone Together. Facebook is reportedly mulling a decision to permit children under 13-years-old to join. Mark Zuckerberg, himself, has broached the subject, “my philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age.”

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English at ONCE

English at ONCE (ONline Current English) offers busy English teachers a wonderful resource – a worksheet and memo, based on something that is current and up-to-date every two weeks. The worksheets, which are emailed to subscribers every two weeks, are designed by a language specialist and experienced English teacher, and at the moment are geared […]

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