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5 Teachers We All Hate

5 Teachers We All Really Hate

When starting out as a teacher you typically have stars in your eyes, excited about the lessons you are going to teach and the lives you are going to change. However, your learners aren’t the only ones affected by your presence: your colleagues are as well. So, once you have settled in and set sail […]

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Moodle for Teachers

My Moodle Has Become My Classroom

I realized the other day that my Moodle had become more than just a learning management system used to support what I did in the classroom: in many ways my bricks and mortar classroom had become a learning space to continue what I was doing on my Moodle! My grade 8 English class was about […]

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Teachers Behaving Badly

Ill-Disciplined Teachers

I have for many years been concerned about the inadequate training of language teachers – or more particularly English language teachers, which is my field of interest. This has struck me again forcefully in the past two or three years for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have been observing student-teachers who have at least […]

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