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FREE Physical Science textbooks by Siyavula

A group of dedicated and passionate volunteers from Siyavula teamed up to create South Africa’s first, truly-free Physical Science texbooks for Grade 10, 11 and 12 called Everything Science. You can download the textbooks right now using the links below.

For learners …

  • Embedded videos that clearly explain concepts taught in class.
  • Many rich worked examples and exercises throughout the books

For teachers …

  • A comprehensive set of videos, simulations and powerpoint presentations to teach with in class.
  • An online annotator to provide us with any errata or suggestions throughout the books.


Grade 11

Grade 12

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  • Carine

    Thank you teachers monthly! Just to let everyone know that there is also a MATHS version of the book available:

    These webbooks are embedded with videos, simulations, powerpoint presentations and extra practice throughout the books and are completely free to use! If anyone would like to like more information they can email me on

    Thank you!

  • Gift Siphiwe Mtimkulu

    Thrully speaking you must show those textbooks online becous we need to study with them here noline for free and remember this is an education we talking about,future must be detemine with learning and to make learning more enjoyable.

    • Carine

      Hi Gift.

      You can download or read our books online by going to either for Maths or for Science. Click on the book which you would like to read.

      We agree that education determines the future and so all our educational resources are free to read, download, copy and distribute! Please let us know what you think of the texts!

    • Brian

      Gift, the textbooks are free … click the links to download and view.

  • sibusiso

    do you have teacher’s guide for grade 11 and 12 for science.

  • mabaso ganyani

    thanks for online physical science and mathematics text books,
    for now i’m having FET physical scince and mathematics text books.
    what I need now are FET physical science teacher’s guide

    • Carine

      Hi Mabaso,

      Yes we have a teachers guide available for you too! We also have the guide available for Maths. Later this year we will have the same for Grade 11 and 12 for Maths and Science.

      Enjoy :)

  • thabo

    Is everyone allowed to download previous question papers & memos or are the some terms of services? I ask this because I need them & I’m doing grade 12 this year.If I’m allowed,would you please make June exemplars readable online because I can’t read them.I’m being transfered to Download while I want to open them & read.

    • Adrian

      Hi Thabo,

      All the downloads on this site are free to use by anyone.

      If you click a link and it immediately wants to download, then just download the file onto your computer and open it from there.


  • chervonne

    can l have maths ,physical science and biology textbooks or how do l download them.need to really refresh my mind

  • Vanessa

    Do you know of any free Afrikaans resources for Science?

    • Adrian Marnewick

      Hi Vanessa,

      I think you’ll find that the Siyavula Science textbooks are also available in Afrikaans.


    • Carine

      Hi Vanessa,

      Follow this link for the Afrikaans grade 10 Science book: :)


  • sanele mlambo

    i want to pass physics with higher marks but i strugle a lot can u help me.

  • Stephan

    Correction: I have been working through the textbook and the solution for Exercise 1-1 question 3 makes a statement which is incorrect; a compound with the molecular formula C4H10 can not only be represented in the two ways shown. This statement is only true if you limit the representation to single bonds, or specify that it is an alkane; it is possible to represent the same compound in different ways using double or triple bonds.

  • Mpetshwa Simcelile James

    Wow I am impressed to find this site as my team (Youth Quake) and I have decided to help high school students on their academic life. This will take us higher than anything, great great great baba!!!

    Thanks a lot – Enkosi kakhulu

    • Carine

      Fantastic news Mpetshwa, you might be interested in our new premium service which allows students to practice, practice and practice! :) to view click on premium service bar on the right. As this is our new service I would love feedback on the user experience!

  • http://windows Banele

    i have a problem when i download the siyavula grade 10 text book it just shows things i cant understand help please

    • Adrian

      Banele, that doesn’t help much I’m afraid. Please be more specific as to what problem you are having so that we can assist further. Are you receiving an error message? Does the file download? What happens when you double-click on it?

  • Manqoba Bhengu

    I want to pass my grade 10 with higher level but i fail to understand the examanation’s interpretation, and cant i go through the book with my phone?

    • Carine

      Hi Manqoba,

      Yes you can read your textbooks for free over your phone! Go to and We are making the books available over Mxit for free too, you will be able to read them over Mxit by the end of the week! If you want to practice more exam style questions, go to and sign up for the practice service. Happy learning!

  • Ndumiso

    Irealy want to thank siyavula for doing such a textbook for us ,it improved many of our knowledge THANK YOU

  • simon khosa

    we’ll appriciate the requested copies

  • simon khosa

    it’s cool


    hy adrain m strugguling with physical science paper 1 i wanna knw if i get june eamplar paper 1/

  • Adrian

    Hi Wendy!

    Take a look at the past papers available under the Matrics > Past Papers menu right at the top of the site.

    Hope this helps :)


  • The General

    Dis is very helpful.keep it up,guys!

  • J. P. D. opperman X Cambridge science teacher

    Thanks for a FANTASTIC textbook in Science 10 stars

    • Carine

      Thank you for your feedback! We are continuously improving on all the textbooks, hopefully you will soon say the same about Grade 11 and 12 Science and Maths.


  • Carine

    Hi Adrian,
    I wasn’t sure how to contact you but it has been brought to our attention that the link to the Afrikaans Grade 10 Science book doesn’t work. Teacher’s and learners can find the books here:

    Our books are now also available over Mxit: which I think it pretty great :)


  • musa

    im mus a currently doing my first year at university of johannesburg. my majors are physical sciences and life sciences. im lookong for the siyavula book versio 1 for physical sciences

  • im simone

    Guys *̩ need help

  • nomfundo mlondo

    ii just need help in curcuit culculations

  • nomfundo mlondo

    paper 1

  • abubaker

    When will the grade 11 caps for physical science be ready? Is there a preliminary version?

  • Moeketsi Maphela

    Thanks alot for the free text books… they really have a great impact on my science.

  • Nely

    Guys I need need help on how to read,and while I’m reading my textbook,I can concentrate and know what I was reading about.

  • Sally Plessis

    Thanks a million for the free textbooks as it helps with the notes given to learners as summaries and I have more time to do applications. I use the grade 10,11 & 12 Science English and Afrikaans versions – really reduces my translation. Will the teachers guides for Grade 11 and 12 still be made available? Much appreciated

  • Yunus

    thanks for the free books. Are the hard copies available for Maths and Science gr 11?

    • Carine

      Yes there are new Grade 11 CAPS-aligned books available! Find them on : and – completely free to read online or download! You can also get them on mobile: and


  • MZ Mathaba

    I would be very happy if I can receive physics and mathematics books.I’m writing my final exam may/june this year.I have been failing for more than 8 I won’t give up until I pass my matric.please help me.

  • http://yahoo Queen

    Hi! I’m desperately in need of help, I want to pass my matric old curriculum, I need help with physical science, maths and English first laungage. So is possible to ask questions and get my answers, if it is where can I ask?

  • n.s ngcobo

    May you send me a teachers guide for grades : 10,11 & 12 at Zuzumqhele high school kzn

  • AE

    Thank you for the content of physical science. I think they are benefit for educators. Thank you for sharing knowledge to develop Children and the interested persons.

  • Johan Nel

    Ek het die Afrikaanse Graad 11 weergawe vir Fisiese Wetenskap gekry om af te laai. Waar kry ek die Afrikaanse Graad 12 weergawe vir Fisiese Wetenskap om af te laai asseblief.

  • Johan Nel

    Waar kry ek die Afrikaanse Graad 12 weergawe vir Fisiese Wetenskap om af te laai asseblief.

  • michelle

    I need the siyavula textbook physical science grade 11

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