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Grade 12 NSC Exam Timetable October/November 2012

Here is the timetable for the National Senior Certificate Exams of October/November 2012. Schools should have received these timetables already, but if not, here it is for you to download:

Download by clicking this link: Grade 12 NSC Exam Timetable Oct-Nov 2012

Please note that we are unable to send this via email.


  • zanele queen-h skosana

    i have a student number for grade12 since from 2010 i did nt write my exam till now.i wish to write my final this year and i dont know what to do.please help

    • Adrian Marnewick

      Hi Zanele,

      Best thing to do is to contact your local Department of Education office to seek assistance. They’ll be able to help you.


  • Mishack lebepe

    I would like if you submit all papers

  • Mishack lebepe

    I would like if you send all papers

  • Aakash koli

    please send 12 science oct-nov 2012 time table………?

  • maya annoop

    please e-mail me maths literacy paper for grade 12

  • Gertrude Vyfers

    Good day could you please email me the Grade 12 final exam timetable please.

  • Adrian Marnewick

    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately we can’t email the timetable. That’s why we’ve provided the DOWNLOAD link above – so that you can download and view it.


    • http://gmail tom

      hey Mr Adrian how are u doing am a grade 12 student i am looking for exam papers for september

  • TEMaraheni

    Is this the real timetable for the final examination???


    please send me grade 12 final exam paper for 2010 to 2012


    please send me grade 12 final exam paper

  • Cassius

    U should try to be able to sent final time tables via email

    • Adrian Marnewick

      Hi Cassius,

      We aren’t able to email everyone who asks for the time tables, unfortunately. That would be impossible from a time point of view. That’s the reason we’ve provided the download link …


  • Enkosi

    I need final timetable and kzn trial mathematics can you send me please

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