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A New Way to Find Trusted School Suppliers – SchoolAdvisor is a newly launched website aimed at helping schools and school suppliers. We spoke to Peter Morgan from SchoolAdvisor to find out a little more about who they are, what they do and why they are offering school staff  a prize of a week for 2 in Mauritius.

Why did you start SchoolAdvisor?

SchoolAdvisor was founded with the purpose of helping to lift some of the weight off headmaster’s and teacher’s shoulders. We know that school staff are constantly under pressure and trying to find the right supplier, product or service can be an absolute nightmare.

We understand that you run a service for schools and school suppliers. Can you tell us a little more?

The aim of SchoolAdvisor is to connect great suppliers to schools and schools to great suppliers. We are an online platform that allows school staff to search for and find a supplier and the products/service they provide using our website’s built-in search function. Most importantly schools can see what other schools have to say about the supplier they are interested in.

Can you explain to us exactly what service you offer schools?

SchoolAdvisor makes finding the best supplier or product for the job a breeze. Heads, teachers, admin staff can visit and by using our search bar, easily find a supplier. This service is completely free of charge. Some examples include: stationery, whiteboards, sport equipment, edtech, tablets etc.

Schools can also keep suppliers accountable and let other schools know about great products or services by writing reviews.

So what are the main benefits for school suppliers to use your website?

School suppliers can simply input their company details on our website, which will help schools find them more easily. This is the perfect platform for suppliers to increase their exposure to schools. Having a 4-star/5-star rating, for example, will tell schools that this supplier has received very positive ratings from others schools, and will increase the chance of schools choosing to use use that supplier’s products/services.

What incentive is there for school teachers, admin staff, etc. to review suppliers?

We are currently running a competition which will see the lucky winner WIN a Trip for 2 to Mauritius valued at R43 000. The prize is open to any school staff member, admin staff, headmaster who writes a quick review on our site. Every review is counted as a new entry. They can enter as many times as you like. Remember, the reviews also help other schools make better purchasing decisions. To enter, click here and write your first review.

You have a lot of slang throughout your platform. What is ‘sly-slang’?

To explain sly-slang to you, I must now speak to you in a certain *lingo:

“*Peanut butter is *delish. Simply put, sly-slang is *number 1!”

*lingo: a foreign way to communicate words

*peanut butter: a “top shelf” goal in hockey – one that enters the net below the cross-bar of the hockey net (i.e. well off the ice.)

*delish: better than delicious

*number 1: used to describe the best of the best! From: “Hot Rod


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