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Major shake-up for SA education

South Africa’s education system has come under scrutiny over the years with some analysts questioning whether its early childhood education programmes meets the educational needs of all children and whether the school system is capable of producing students who can cope with tertiary studies.

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Another change of dates of implementation?

It was previously announced by the Minister of Basic Education that the new curriculum (the CAPSs) would be introduced in 2012. We have now learned that all that is definite at this stage is that the CAPSs for the Foundation Phase will be implemented then. The Minister is due to make an announcement in the near future about the other phases.

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Sadtu rejects wage offer

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sadtu) has confirmed it is rejecting the government’s wage offer, a union official said on Sunday. However, the union would not embark on industrial strike action and had formally ended the current strikes, Sadtu spokesperson Nomusa Cembi said.

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Angie Motshekga on the national teachers’ strike

The national teachers’ strike has been a major blow to public education, and has had a particularly devastating effect on the education of poor, rural and black children. I am pleased that the industrial action is now probably behind us and that we can begin the process of stabilizing our schools. The Council of Education Ministers and I have considered a range of options, including the extension of the school day, classes on weekends and how best to use the September school holidays, to make up for the lost schooling time.

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‘SADTU must match its words with its deeds’

To improve education, SADTU must match its words with its deeds. Any discussion on education in South Africa inevitably begins with a litany of its failings. These collectively constitute an “education crisis”. Like most truths that are repeated often enough, this litany has turned into political cliché and lost the power to shock. That is why the new angle, in a speech by Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga this week, got people listening again.

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DG defends SA teachers

The majority of South Africa’s teachers are dedicated professionals who give of their best at all times and serve the needs of their pupils, acting basic education director-general Bobby Soobrayan said on Thursday. Reacting to media reports – following a presentation to a parliamentary portfolio committee on Wednesday, at which he tabled a document stating […]

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