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Founded in 2007 by Adrian Marnewick and Michael Merrett, Teacher’s Monthly started out as a simple email newsletter written for teachers and anyone interested in education in South Africa.

Today, we have over 10,000+ email subscribers and our content reaches tens of thousands of teachers and educationalists across the world.

Our mission is to amplify voices of logic and reason within the education community by sharing information about the way teaching and learning is progressing in South Africa.

Our contributors write about teaching tools, methods, technology, professional growth and the latest news from the education sector. We also provide free classroom resources for teachers.

We are all about transforming education, and we’re achieving this by helping to up-skill South African teachers through the educational content we publish here at Teacher’s Monthly.

If you’re a teacher reading this, our hope is that you’ll be inspired to become a better educator by reading, absorbing and implementing the information we provide here.

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Our Team

Adrian Marnewick

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Nadia Marnewick

Nadia Marnewick


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