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An Open Letter to School Leaders

You never began your career in education dreaming of becoming an online educator. But things have changed.

An Open Letter to School Leaders 14 Aug 2020

Ashleig is the events director at Schoolscape.

I feel like my home is a bit of a microcosm of a school right now. For one, I have small children running around – who miss hugging their friends. But, more seriously, we (as a family) keep opening and closing. After our third round of quarantine (none of which I’m certain any of my family actually had COVID), I declare: “no more!” I’m done. The literal uncertainty of what tomorrow may look like for our family, for our business, and for our community is beginning to wear down on me now. I am far from losing hope, but it’s weighty.

I now turn my attention to you – as a school decision-maker. The very people we have got to know personally and value through our Schoolscape events in the past three years – that weight leans a little heavier on my heart. You have a family far larger than mine: Staff, learners, parents – all looking to you for answers in this time of insurmountable uncertainty.

We never set out to be a virtual events company. In a similar way, you probably never began your career in education dreaming of becoming an online educator. The very nature of our business is to bring people together – great schools and credible suppliers that can help enable the very best education possible. The very nature of a school is to be a meeting place that is so much more than simply educating the next generation. Its leaders, its teachers, its good examples, its relationships, its friendships that last a lifetime that are being formed. All disrupted, but not discontinued.

No one hit ‘CTRL, ALT, DELETE’… They just hit ‘pause’ and told you, the decision-maker, to make a plan.

So where to from here?

Like I said earlier: I’m not hopeless. Weighed down, but still looking up. We’re growing, we’re praying (for you also), we’re innovating (I know that sounds like a bad word to you now), we’re making a plan… And we at Schoolscape, want to continue to (as we started out to do), help you make a plan also.

Our upcoming Schoolscape IT Online Event is trying to do this. We have searched and found incredible teachers and leaders who are winning in this season. We have found products and services that are working seamlessly in and out of classrooms – so that all learners can continue learning. We have found ways to keep our kids safe during this time – where the bullies have just got bigger and the school’s gates have turned into fire-walls.

Yes, we’re doing this because, as a business, this is we what we do. But also, because our passion is education, much like yours. Our kids are in your schools, and we can see how burdened you are. So, JOIN US. Come be inspired by hopeful and successful stories. Learn from other principles and IT Managers and connect with top-rated companies who can help your teachers continue to educate well in the season ahead. Oh, and as always… There will be a little magic to inspire you too!

I’m thinking of you,

Ashleig Viljoen
Schoolscape Events Director

Ashleig is the events director at Schoolscape.