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Schools Are Raving About 2Simple And Here’s Why

2Simple is an international brand represented locally and used by many SA schools since 1999. The company has plans to expand into the parent-home market.

Schools Are Raving About 2Simple And Here’s Why 28 Sep 2020

Mikhail is the Co-Editor of Teacher's Monthly. He has a passion for digital education and online learning.

2Simple has been educating and entertaining South African children for years with their colourful, interactive and curriculum-based software. The company has a history spanning several countries.

Today we chat to Tim Holliday, from 2Simple Software, to find out how their products are used by schools and learners.

How long has 2Simple been operating in South Africa?

We have been operating in South Africa for 15 years but globally, with our Head Office in the UK, longer. 2Simple turns 21 in January.

What are the top-selling and popular products in your range?

Purple Mash

Part Ed-Tech playground, Part productivity tool. Essentially, it’s an online learning platform which allows children to flex their creative muscles with technology. With the ability for full lesson and task creation; administrative tools such as marking and tracking; existing curriculum aligned theme-based activities, games, and other content for children across the full spectrum of Pre-school right up to Senior phase learning. Purple Mash is a whole school resource, not just an ICT tool.

Python in Pieces

Our Secondary phase coding platform, Python in Pieces, is newly launched but we are already seeing great uptake within the high school phase.

Evidence Me

Evidence Me is an app and web suite designed to enable teachers to capture learners’ experiences, monitor their development and create reports to show their progress. Our assessment and observation tool has helped over 15,000 educators wave goodbye to Post-It Notes, ring binders and scrapbooks to track learning.

Next month we are releasing our new platform – Dot Com Digital

Dot Com Digital educates children to help prevent them becoming victims of crime by exploring all threats including online grooming and bullying.

What is your price-point for schools?

Purple Mash and Python in Pieces each cost as little as R65* per user for an annual subscription.

*for schools with over 300 learners

Who are some of your top school customers?

We have over 200 schools in South Africa (+-12000 globally) currently and they are actively using our products. Please see some of our great reviews here.

What can teachers expect from your training courses?

Yes, our content is CAPS aligned. Teachers also have the ability to create their own activities to suit their needs and we have a resource sharing area on the platform where teachers can share their content and ideas globally if they’d like.

Do you have content available in Afrikaans?

YES! The instructional base of PM can be switched between English and Afrikaans (more languages to come).

We also have an amazing teacher tool where teachers can translate any existing content into Afrikaans. Or any language.

Can parents sign up, and what are the costs?

Yes absolutely, parents can sign up using the parent registration form on our website.

After a free 2-week trial. The cost for a single user is R950 per year.

What is the number one thing on your wish list?

Our single greatest wish is that schools would let us show them what we have to offer. Even if they have seen us in years previous. We have a great team of developers who are constantly updating content and keeping themes current.

We would ultimately hope that all schools would use our products.

We would be able to reach all those schools we haven’t been able to yet – and with that impact the lives of as many children in the world as possible giving them the tools to conquer in a digital age!

Where do you see 2Simple SA in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time we would like to be seen as a key and necessary item in any teachers’ repertoire of tools, making their lives simpler and benefitting the learners through relevant, high quality, relevant and fun learning platforms. We’d like the name 2Simple to be synonymous with EdTech integration.

We are also expanding into the rest of Africa and hope to bring further benefits to schools on the continent.

You can visit 2Simple online here.

Mikhail is the Co-Editor of Teacher's Monthly. He has a passion for digital education and online learning.